ISRAEL MOSES BEN ARYEH LOEB (18th–19th century), talmudist and preacher. His father was a rabbi in Lissa, where Israel received his rabbinical training. At the age of 28, Israel was appointed rabbi in Prandzew, and later served in Zabludow and in Kornik. He carried on correspondence with prominent rabbis and talmudic scholars of his time, including akiva eger , the latter giving his approbations to Israel's single published work, Rishmei She'elah (Warsaw, 1811). This work, consisting of his halakhic responsa, was published with an appendix containing some of his talmudic novellae on Mo'ed Katan, as well as several homiletical sermons taken from his two unpublished works, Eshel ha-Sarim and Eshel ha-Rashim. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: J.J. Eisenstadt and S. Wiener, Da'at Kedoshim (1898), 237; L. Lewin, Geschichte der Juden in Lissa (1904), 261f. (Elias Katz)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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